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This is a jumble of jottings from my diary in 1997; things I heard, read or variously discovered, that I thought worthy of noting down.  “People hate those who make them feel their own inferiority.” Lord Chesterfield Jonathon Swift: “Satire is a sort of glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own; […]


Read these when you need a little encouragement―responses sent from publishers to various writers/agents: “…the girl doesn’t, it seems to me, have a special perception or feeling which would lift that book above curiosity level.” ‘Anne Frank’s Diary’ “The idea of men adrift on a raft does have a certain appeal, but for the most […]


My time in the British army and RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Air Force) meant that I mixed with all sorts and conditions of men, and as they are part of our common humanity I’ve written this item in an attempt to record some of these gay and joyful observations. The residence at Hursley on the […]

My lone search

It was a cold December day when I walked from the bus stop towards the church where my mother and father were married. St. Nicholas’s church was about five minutes’ walk from the bus stop and I had to walk briskly to keep warm. I’d made the journey from New Zealand back to England in […]

Our mental fight: primary school and thoughts of war

It was a long time ago when folk, for the most part, lived their lives in the district where they were born, shackled by a lack of money or opportunity to venture far. A few did raise their heads above it all, saw a future in the distance and with heart rending courage, wept their […]

Sowers of seed

One of the things I enjoy is reading, and like many people I can lose myself in a good book. Looking back, three events stand out as having some significance in this respect, starting with my time as boy between seven and eleven years of age, living in Longridge, a small village seven miles from […]

Mind your own business!

“He was spreading it around.” “A bit of ‘How’s your father.’” “A little bit of Hanky and plenty of Panky.” As a boy I was constantly reminded not to ask questions: Mind your own business That’s got nothing to do with you Shut up What did you say? (said in a threatening sort of way, […]

Angels guard thee

Sometimes in my sleep, when I am least on my guard, somewhere just below the fully conscious surface of my mind, I realise that I am weeping. Not the surface weeping restricted by thoughts of what people would think of me, but a deep sobbing, as if some control gates have opened releasing a built-up […]

I believe that …

I believe that the greatest gift bestowed on a human being is not beauty, intelligence or wealth. It’s the ability to make a story live. To take a tale and know instinctively what to leave in, what to leave out and when to lie a bit. If you do not have this, then you should […]