Monthly Archives: December 2013

I am here

I wrote this poem in 1994 after I was prompted to think back to when I was still a Minister of Religion at Mt Eden Baptist Church, Auckland, some 30 years prior. As part of that role, I became a visitor at the nearby Mt Eden Prison, where I was free to come and go, […]

From the windows

Travelling with my eldest sister, Hilda, from our home in Preston, Lancashire, to the golfing town of Lytham St Annes, was great when I was about 11. The journey, usually by double-decker bus, gave us a super view from the top deck as we sped out of the busy town and along narrow country lanes. […]

Landmines never leave the battlefield

The history of man is one of aggression. This could have begun after man learned to gather food and became a hunter: you don’t have to kill berries, or the leaves of plants. You do have to kill animals in order to eat them. And eat or die is the law of nature. Then man […]

Inner spring

* I weep sometimes to see a shining golden dawn awed by the sheer wonder of it all, thankful that the glorious hues I see lift me from the burdens of the day. * I weep at the boundless energy and promise of the young on this amazing planet, terra firma, home of man, with […]


Everything I have is borrowed nothing tangible is really mine from the air I breathe to the body I wear all has come from elsewhere in time. * I may live my life ’til I’m ninety lesser or longer maybe but whatever I touch and whatever I gain has been borrowed for my moment in […]

The spinsters’ code

Across the street from our home in Pump Street, Longridge, was a pebble-dashed house in which two spinsters lived. (Swallows built their nests each year under the eaves of this house. They came in spring and left in autumn, and there was a constant swooping and diving in smooth, graceful sweeps back and forth across […]

Camping in our street

An officer in the Roman Army of occupation is said to have named the place where I spent five colourful and informative years of my boyhood. On seeing the whole district from a commanding rise, the officer said, “What a long ridge of hills!” From that time on the place was known as Longridge (a […]

Assertion of identity

From a distance I saw this teenager was different, and as she came up close I saw her moko, permanent on her beautiful face. * “She’s too young,” suggested some, “to wear at others’ instigation such sign upon her youthful face.” * She appeared unmoved, disdainful of the thoughts of others, and with unusual maturity […]

Quite by accident

Sometimes I just hate myself. I can be so selfish. I mean, I could have stopped and offered to help Lester. I was pretty sure he’d recognised me as I drove past. When I’d checked by the rear-vision mirror, the look on his face could have stopped a clock. But it was raining. I’d had […]


How so … when conception itself deposits me to be, in cell of flesh? No prior consultation, nor explanation, no choice offered of language, race, or classification. * Nine months the sentence, entombed thus… before the prison door opens, and wrapped in bewildering streams of pain, slowly I’m pushed, propelled, expelled naked and helpless, unchosen […]