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Rest in peace, Dennis

CROMPTON, Dennis. Born 7 March 1929, passed away 24 June 2019 at home. Dearly loved by Valerie, Helen, Miles, Lilian, Sara, Richard, Maxwell, Amelia, Oliver, Vivienne, Andrew, Ryan and Joseph. And the night shall be filled with music, and the cares that infest the day, shall fold their tents, like the Arabs, and as silently […]


The last place I worked before leaving home (Preston, Lancashire) and going to New Zealand was a large public bus company, Ribble Motors, Frenchwood, Preston. I was there for a little over two years, and my time there was very significant. I was really impressed by the thoroughness of the overhaul given to each vehicle […]

Art starts

The following information was gleaned when I reacquainted myself with Miss K T Lingard at the local bingo hall. At the time, I was reporting on an ugly incident concerning the bingo caller and the tea lady. Apparently they had got into an argument about how many times the caller had repeated ‘Legs eleven, number […]

Steel cathedrals

I like this poem very much, but it’s not written by me. Read on… It seems to me, I spend my life in stations. Going, coming, standing, waiting. Paddington, Darlington, Shrewsbury, York. I know them all most bitterly. Dawn stations, with a steel light, and waxen figures. Dust, stone, and clanking sounds, hiss of weary […]

The dreadful being knocked at the door…

I’ve always been glad that humans possess imagination giving us the ability to extend and colour our knowledge. Where would we be without it? As a young boy I was honing my imagination by continuing various dramas in my head well after the film had ended, the book was closed or the radio switched off. […]