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Acquiring skills

‘Share and share alike’ would be one of the things we were taught when young. I found it difficult at times, but in the presence of older people it was best to comply. There were a few times when uncensored, I’d surprise myself by sharing something prompted by a spontaneous generosity from within. I’d feel […]


‘Share and share alike’ was one of the things taught to us when we were young. I found it difficult at times but in the presence of older people it was best to comply. There were a few times when uncensored, I’d surprise myself by sharing something, prompted by a spontaneous surge of generosity from […]

I am here

I wrote this poem in 1994 after I was prompted to think back to when I was still a Minister of Religion at Mt Eden Baptist Church, Auckland, some 30 years prior. As part of that role, I became a visitor at the nearby Mt Eden Prison, where I was free to come and go, […]

Inner spring

* I weep sometimes to see a shining golden dawn awed by the sheer wonder of it all, thankful that the glorious hues I see lift me from the burdens of the day. * I weep at the boundless energy and promise of the young on this amazing planet, terra firma, home of man, with […]

Step into reality

By gum, it’s quiet, I thought to myself as I walked over to the style, the vantage point where I kept my eye on things. It was about 9.15 am on a Bank Holiday Saturday in August, in about 1938, and the weather was warm. There should have been people about. They wouldn’t all be […]


I won once, when I was younger, a partner warm and loving, who cheered my heart, changed me, and different I became. * Her feminine influence enmeshed in mine, a different aspect brought to my then limited view, enabled me to see much more of life through her more gifted eyes. People and places, manners […]

I am a father now

I am a father now, I tell you, I was there … feeling and sharing in a secondary way something of the searing pains my dear wife felt that day. * It was interminably long for her as slowly, push by gasping … crying … straining … push those intermittent hot pulsating surges stretched more […]


In a small back room or cloistered cell recalling things we know so well our minds a store of cascading scenes a glorious kaleidoscope of inner dreams. * In country now mid-grove of trees breathe delicate aroma of scented breeze beneath my feet the good rich earth enchanted by choir of wind and birds. * […]

I saw the doc’ today…

I saw the doc’ today. Things are okay, but… Better have it checked, exercise ECG for you, he said. I, of course, agreed. * I’ve seen pictures of a treadmill in a prison. Dreadful thing to torture humans on. Grey lives made grayer, to pay for crimes that never could be paid for; they hardly […]

A good time?

How good it was to be alive, feeling, enjoying my exuberance of spirit, slim teenager then, still foot and fancy free… I strolled with ease the main streets of our city, looked kindly on those who looked kindly on me. * Then there came towards me, smiling, a slim and fresh teenager like myself. In […]