Monthly Archives: May 2013

Diaspora seeded

One Christmas in New Zealand, many years ago now, our daughter arrived home with her friend, Carlos, from Peru, who was learning English. Here are my thoughts after his visit with us. A letter he wrote to my wife and I follows the poem: Poem: Traveller, missionary, explorer and adventurer, they leave the places they […]

Talking stones

One visitor moved away, wandered out through the gate, down the street and into the countryside. She found a hollow in a field, sat down and looked around. Gradually the occasional hum of insects and twittering of birds gave way to a quietness which eased the tension inside her. At some point her fingers found […]


I wonder by what decree this life of mine began apart from loving parents and procreation’s plan; each gave to the foundation of the place wherein I dwell but, from whence came, I, occupant spirit that abides?  * One main question ever smoulders in my mind: is there a point perchance to our sublime design? […]

A real artist

It must be said that most members of the Arts Council in our small town have something of a stubborn streak about them. You’d agree if you met them. One of them believed that arts meant culture with a capital K. It was there in bold letters on the opening page of the minute book. […]

A just cause…?

It could have been any bus, at any time, on any street, laden with a potpourri of humanity, each person a representative; belonging… * But this bus passed one day, October 1995, along a busy down-town street in Tel Aviv… Yes, in Tel Aviv it happened. * A person or persons unknown to most, belonging […]

Preston: school and prison

The Wesleyan Methodist School in St Mary’s Street was the school I attended when we left Longridge to live in Preston around 1942. Across from the school was a small door set in very high brick wall that was almost a complete square. Inside was the Preston prison, complete with treadmill, for the prisoners to […]


The town was filled with a thousand sights a thousand emotions, and some delights  * some peoples faces I saw were mostly masks hiding reality from my inquisitive glance  * night-time fell and with it the cold it nipped at my ears and the tip of my nose  * the sky was clear there was […]