Monthly Archives: October 2013

I am a father now

I am a father now, I tell you, I was there … feeling and sharing in a secondary way something of the searing pains my dear wife felt that day. * It was interminably long for her as slowly, push by gasping … crying … straining … push those intermittent hot pulsating surges stretched more […]


In a small back room or cloistered cell recalling things we know so well our minds a store of cascading scenes a glorious kaleidoscope of inner dreams. * In country now mid-grove of trees breathe delicate aroma of scented breeze beneath my feet the good rich earth enchanted by choir of wind and birds. * […]


Read these when you need a little encouragement―responses sent from publishers to various writers/agents: “…the girl doesn’t, it seems to me, have a special perception or feeling which would lift that book above curiosity level.” ‘Anne Frank’s Diary’ “The idea of men adrift on a raft does have a certain appeal, but for the most […]

Another day

The day that was mine today, I’ve spent. It was given to me for that, not to hide away decaying, or lived at someone else’s braying. So I lived it, used it, spent it. * It will never happen again, nor had it been before. Today, only, it was mine, to spend, doing what I […]

From humble beginnings…

I can’t remember when I first heard the words, ‘All men are created equal…’ but it found instant agreement in my mind within the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Those words also came to have great significance for a young man born in Philadelphia around 1900 where the American Delcaration of […]

Steel cathedrals

I like this poem very much, but it’s not written by me. Read on… It seems to me, I spend my life in stations. Going, coming, standing, waiting. Paddington, Darlington, Shrewsbury, York. I know them all most bitterly. Dawn stations, with a steel light, and waxen figures. Dust, stone, and clanking sounds, hiss of weary […]

I saw the doc’ today…

I saw the doc’ today. Things are okay, but… Better have it checked, exercise ECG for you, he said. I, of course, agreed. * I’ve seen pictures of a treadmill in a prison. Dreadful thing to torture humans on. Grey lives made grayer, to pay for crimes that never could be paid for; they hardly […]

A good time?

How good it was to be alive, feeling, enjoying my exuberance of spirit, slim teenager then, still foot and fancy free… I strolled with ease the main streets of our city, looked kindly on those who looked kindly on me. * Then there came towards me, smiling, a slim and fresh teenager like myself. In […]