Monthly Archives: February 2013

Unfamiliar holistic pathways

I came across a publication recently that invited me to join, ‘The greatest adventure into Self imaginable.’ With an introduction like that it could only be displayed in one of the fashionable earth-friendly bookshops appearing these days. Now I have to be honest here; it was the assistants who really caught my eye and enticed […]

The heart that once…

The heart that once beat warmly awakened by love, the eye that gazed so fondly moved by love, the joy that filled the smile that shone, the lightness in my step, all gone… all gone? My look, her voice, her look, my voice, the daily thrust and parry tore apart our explanations attempting reparation. Outward […]

Cybil, a stranger now

Cybil was not going to be disappointed. She sensed that, and the warm glow that had started only as a mere suggestion somewhere in the pit of her stomach was encouraged to continue. Earlier, she’d sat through the Sunday evening entertainment on TV while her husband, as usual, had enjoyed the rather mundane fare offered. […]

Natural beauty products with Gordon Asper

For the past months, Mr Reginald Parker-Holmes of the BBC has interviewed quaint and unusual characters to be found in New Zealand; most of them unknown outside of their own districts. In a few weeks’ time, these interviews would be broadcast in Great Britain to an audience of one million who have come to appreciate […]

Fairy story

There’s a dull ache in my heart at times when switched on to father mode on looking back at what I’ve been, and what I’ve done and what I’ve said. There was a fragrant softness in the air ‘midst the surrounding lovely trees, the coolness of the greenery and the gentle summer breeze. ‘Let’s tidy […]

Memories of my early days

I don’t know if anyone is ever quite sure when speaking or writing about one’s early days, whether what they recall is really a memory of the event, or a mixture of what happened and what you have been told has happened. My first memory is this: I vaguely remember being in a room where […]

How to lose friends and infuriate people

Three years ago, after careful consideration, I made the rash decision of allowing myself to be nominated for the position as chairman of SeniorNet Morrinsville, a computer group for the aged. And yes, I was successful. Since then, I’ve learned a great deal about how to lose friends and infuriate people. For those wishing to […]

The fly was in danger, and so was I

The front and back lawns looked neat and tidy again after my mowing and I was pleased with my results. My wife, neighbours, the birds infesting our trees and bushes, plus the dogs and cats owning various sites around the place would also be pleased. It had got me out of the house and into […]

Some ephemeral state

When, as a boy, I wandered through green scented fields and groves of slender silver-branched trees rich dark damp earth and softly fragranced leaves keen senses caught…and stored away in memory’s sheaves. * In later years, as a traveller in far distant lands my nostrils caught some faint aroma in the air which, wandering suggestive […]


During my army days training to be a driver of three ton army trucks, we’d drive around different parts of South West England and North Wales. On rare occasions we would stop for refreshments at some of the fascinating old pubs along the way. At one of these stops a mate who liked to sample […]