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If there is a beginning, then there has to be an end, that’s logic says the learned man, with a slight nod of his head; yet that annoying statement leaves too much to be desired and so throughout the age of man more speculation’s been applied to the penetrating question of what life is all […]

I am here

I wrote this poem in 1994 after I was prompted to think back to when I was still a Minister of Religion at Mt Eden Baptist Church, Auckland, some 30 years prior. As part of that role, I became a visitor at the nearby Mt Eden Prison, where I was free to come and go, […]

Inner spring

* I weep sometimes to see a shining golden dawn awed by the sheer wonder of it all, thankful that the glorious hues I see lift me from the burdens of the day. * I weep at the boundless energy and promise of the young on this amazing planet, terra firma, home of man, with […]


Everything I have is borrowed nothing tangible is really mine from the air I breathe to the body I wear all has come from elsewhere in time. * I may live my life ’til I’m ninety lesser or longer maybe but whatever I touch and whatever I gain has been borrowed for my moment in […]

Assertion of identity

From a distance I saw this teenager was different, and as she came up close I saw her moko, permanent on her beautiful face. * “She’s too young,” suggested some, “to wear at others’ instigation such sign upon her youthful face.” * She appeared unmoved, disdainful of the thoughts of others, and with unusual maturity […]


How so … when conception itself deposits me to be, in cell of flesh? No prior consultation, nor explanation, no choice offered of language, race, or classification. * Nine months the sentence, entombed thus… before the prison door opens, and wrapped in bewildering streams of pain, slowly I’m pushed, propelled, expelled naked and helpless, unchosen […]

Broken shells

Thought was of food as blackbird high perched observed cars trucks buses, and a fair-haired youth pedalling carefree wheels whirring smoothly on hard sealed road. * Sharp eyes focused downwards as blackbird swooshed hop-stepped head angled beak pecked shell packed food; dropped pecked picked up shook dropped pecked flayed on road flayed and flayed. * […]

Mindful be

Again, youth’s had its terrible fling, reckless, carefree, bubbling thing, now streams of cars flow through the town, head for the plot in cemetery ground. * If only young eyes could have seen, felt the hopeless sorrowing, known the grief and felt the pain, of friends and family by the grave. * The preacher says […]


Once, I was a small boy untried, weak, unknowing with so many possibilities and time passed slowly hardly aware was I that I was growing. * Once, I was an older boy taller, stronger, impatient knowledge seemed so slow in coming sometimes I thought I knew and I hardly knew what I was knowing. * […]

Another chance

Chance saw me born an Englishman at no time was I consulted regarding place or country kith or kin glimpsed not a glimpse of any plan just born into the Lancashire clan. * I would like to have been an Arab adventurous bold and free wearing romantic flowing robes riding the crests of desert sands […]