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The wind blew wild on the coast of Kent as I went to join my father. It was bitterly cold where he waited on the promontory out of Dungeness. The work my father put into selling his wool to weavers in France was threatened by the duties imposed by the government, and danger lurked everywhere […]

Abstract journey

Through all the years I’ve lived, there was a time, I, as part of a family experienced being a boy – growing up – leaving home and country… * Experience being accepted, learning different customs, being appreciated for what I could do, for what I could become; for my potential … and just for being […]

Things unspoken…

Long ago in distant past Big Bang theory or some Divine plan, ‘midst swirling dust plus cosmic radiation began the continuum of exploration. * Male and female came to be dwellers outside eternity, naked learned to cover up hide the erotic bits of fluff. * A given time to live a life, man sets forth […]


A time, a season, Autumn and Spring between, a song, a hymn, a place, a kind of viewing. Maybe a person, cut off… tasting suspended days of average normalcy, separated, withdrawn hidden a while to self and others, a temporary island in a pool of mixed emotion. Winter can be a kind of personal hibernation… […]

The fair

  A fair of some kind came to the Shepherd Street Mission Children’s Home in Preston where I lived for a time when I was young. These were the days when members of the public were given the chance to see inside the fair, into the inner workings of the people and their place. It […]

What others have set down

And there it was…a new thought, a sudden inspiration, free nourishment for my continuing education, a visitor to my inquiring mind! And from whence it came, and how or why, choosing this essential unseen part of me from others that surround? And as it rested there, a quiet firm conviction followed the first uplifting thrill. […]

Do you want to be ‘organic’?

This is an item I gave at a meeting during my short  but glorious reign as President of the Morrinsville  SeniorNet Computing Group Dear fellow members You may be interested to know of a surge of interest from me recently whilst checking my emails. I’d zipped through several run-of-the-mill type emails, such as: Diet success […]

The listening weather vane

  It was another very ordinary day with nothing outwardly obvious to disturb our village as it plodded its way through each unhurried hour. From my observations few of its inhabitants gave much thought to the comforting sounds of humans and nature working in a kind of harmony as they did back then. Machinery with […]

Night sounds

The Shepherd Street Mission Children’s Home where I was placed at the age of two years and six months had around 60 people living in it when I first went to sleep in a small room above the entrance door. My room was separated from the rest of the building by a series of passages […]

From our front window

Number one Pump Street, Londgridge, was where I spent the happy years from 1936 until about 1940. The front window looking out onto this street had a broad window-sill, long and big enough for me to play with my small toys and keep an eye on whatever activity might take place on the street at […]