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I am a father now

I am a father now, I tell you, I was there … feeling and sharing in a secondary way something of the searing pains my dear wife felt that day. * It was interminably long for her as slowly, push by gasping … crying … straining … push those intermittent hot pulsating surges stretched more […]

I saw the doc’ today…

I saw the doc’ today. Things are okay, but… Better have it checked, exercise ECG for you, he said. I, of course, agreed. * I’ve seen pictures of a treadmill in a prison. Dreadful thing to torture humans on. Grey lives made grayer, to pay for crimes that never could be paid for; they hardly […]

Mercy me!

I don’t know what I expected as my daughter and I entered the hospital … the figure of a stout matron in blue starched uniform with starched face to match was in the back of my mind; a reminder of a short stay in a military hospital at Woolwich, England in my 18th year. But […]

Only a look and a voice

This is based on something I witnessed during one of my stays in hospital. Outwardly, there was nothing appealing about Reginald Barton, as far as the general public was concerned, being one of those unfortunate men whose build and facial features combined to present him as a belligerent person, when he wasn’t. His clothes didn’t […]

Things have changed since my operation…

Things have changed since my heart bypass operation. I’m just not the same now. A little older, a little greyer and more wrinkled with some wrinkles in places I’d never have expected them. But on the surface I look the same. That’s why it’s so damned difficult, you see. What does one do to explain? […]