Monthly Archives: May 2015

Our living room

I love to close my eyes and see our living room full of people when I was the tender age of seven. Had I been able to film it, I would have captured an assortment of events to rival anything offered as ‘home entertainment’ at the DVD store today. Thin Uncle Dave has just opened his […]


The last place I worked before leaving home (Preston, Lancashire) and going to New Zealand was a large public bus company, Ribble Motors, Frenchwood, Preston. I was there for a little over two years, and my time there was very significant. I was really impressed by the thoroughness of the overhaul given to each vehicle […]

Acquiring skills

‘Share and share alike’ would be one of the things we were taught when young. I found it difficult at times, but in the presence of older people it was best to comply. There were a few times when uncensored, I’d surprise myself by sharing something prompted by a spontaneous generosity from within. I’d feel […]

Art starts

The following information was gleaned when I reacquainted myself with Miss K T Lingard at the local bingo hall. At the time, I was reporting on an ugly incident concerning the bingo caller and the tea lady. Apparently they had got into an argument about how many times the caller had repeated ‘Legs eleven, number […]

Father Boland’s faith

There was nothing out of the ordinary as far as the funeral of young Patrick O’Dowd was concerned. The usual kind of people turned up at the church, where flowers – bought and arranged by Mrs Kelly and Miss O’Leary – did their best to brighten up the quiet deadness of the building, but failed. […]