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Catching one’s prey

Sometime in the mid-19th century, schools of elegance for young ladies strove, according to their individual aims, to provide what was considered an all-round preparation for life for their pupils. An admirable aim, seldom achieved. Too few of the tutors were drawn from those who’d experienced life in sufficient depth and variety to acquire the […]

In passing…

Time pulsates on coloured or drab by chance with vaporous breath proclaiming life exists…  * Set in motion powered by what or whom with circumstance awaiting only to end too soon… * The visible and the abstract mingle and merge, you see… no longer part dichotomy, I’m now a single me. * Dennis Crompton © […]

Thoughts from dust

I dare to stand and speak forth what I have written here, that which from my innermost being I have felt, which like a spring from deepest earth has risen, things which are dear to me or move me much, my friend.  * Watching, you see only the outwardness of this, my being; enquire, and […]

Life is great, baby

The age of miracles is not yet passed I thought some time ago, on hearing news of Billy Rolands, a former schoolmate. Nothing had distinguished his time at school, nor mine. We belonged to a group possessing the happy knack of being there but seldom noticed, and whose real education began the moment we left […]


My time in the British army and RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Air Force) meant that I mixed with all sorts and conditions of men, and as they are part of our common humanity I’ve written this item in an attempt to record some of these gay and joyful observations. The residence at Hursley on the […]

A time of remembrance

He’d been married three years, was enjoying life with his wife and daughter, everything was going well for them…and then the war broke out. He tried to ignore the inevitable and get on with life, together with his family but knew he’d have to leave them in the end. He was just a country lad […]

Mind reading

I was in a gathering of people in a building where a guest poet of no mean reputation was presenting one of her poems, shown large on a screen for all to see (the poem, that is to say). The poet wandered round, reading with hand-held microphone, her voice adding meaning not discernible in the […]

Becoming a father changed all that…

My friend, Robert asked me one day, What did Hiroshima mean to you as a young man?’  * Well … nothing really, I’d never thought much about it, I said, back then in 1945, I was only fifteen and patriotic, I mean, I saw around me bomb damaged houses, streets of them and lots of […]

A peculiar swing of the pendulum

Quite a number of city folk look on me with something akin to pity when I tell them that I live in the country, especially when I mention the name of the town. Odd really as many came from similar situations themselves. Some faces soften: those who’ve made it financially; or those in the process […]

I see…

The road outside my window now teems with every form of life … above, all sight of feathered flight is lost to those set on an intercontinental course …  * Close by I see the past in an old fence post, last remnant of the farmhouse here that was, beneath my feet the earth, rich […]