Monthly Archives: July 2013

George, and leaving England

Here’s a picture of me as a happy chappie working at Ribble Motors workshop, Frenchwood, Preston, where I worked alongside (George) Jersey Fijalkowski from Radom, Poland, over two years from 1952-1954. He was very important in my life at the time because he was the one who pointed me in the direction of New Zealand. […]

Financial enterprises

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that, ‘Money makes the world go around’; usually by those who have plenty. We of the, ‘Never have enough to go around’ brigade also know that money has to be earned before it can be spent. Or does it? Examples abound of people using a variety of methods to […]

Shepherd Street Mission Children’s Home

Here’s some more information on the Shepherd Street Mission, Preston, Lancashire, the organisation that ran the Children’s Home where I spent the first six years of my life, along with my two sisters and brother after our mother died. Our father was eventually able to take us home again, more of which I have written […]

Enquiries are continuing…

Archaeologists and scientists from around the world are arriving in Egypt in response to a recent gruesome discovery. Rasan Abdel Hassan, our Middle East correspondent, links it to a report he made in 1988. That report read: The sudden disappearance of Mr Peter Carter, aged 23 years, is causing some concern. He joined a party […]

High Flight by John Gillespie Magee

I was presenting this poem, “High Flight” to a 4th form English class at Stratford High School when a senior school inspector entered (I’d been told this might happen). I nodded in his direction and continued. Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed, […]

A dip into the past

What do you think that: Mr. W. Newman, of 4 Dalhuusil Square, Calcutta, India, the Bengal United Service Club Library, and Mr. Herbert C. Fyfe, author of Submarine Warfare, have in common with yours truly and the Opportunity Shop, Morrinsville, New Zealand? I’ll tell you: A book was bought by Mr. W. Newman, of Calcutta, […]

The broadening of Ben Norwood’s mind

Picture a man, pleasant, quietly spoken, of middle-age and average build. Add a good head of dark hair tinged with silver at the temples, a ready smile and dressed as becomes of man of quality, if not of wealth, and you have a man whom many women wish to take into their arms and cuddle […]

Poised in time

Now in these golden moments poised in time despite age and growing quantity of years my mind an open window on the past recalls selected scenes banishing errant fears. * How far I’ve come, experienced so much stored deep now in the library of my mind and just to think presents choices I may make […]

Mr Marko’s secret

This story appears to have a very ‘dark’ beginning, but do read on… (Marko is a gypsy/Romany name meaning ‘defense’.) The little girl walking home through the park on the edge of town cuddled a teddy which was rather big for her small arms to carry. As she moved along she hummed a tune she’d […]