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In that small cottage over there, I first saw the light of day.  * Up that dark and cobbled street, awful demons I did meet.  * In that schoolyard I met Alfred; he could pee two inches higher.  * In that schoolroom I did learn the wonders of the written word.  * In this ear […]

Now I see

The doctor shone the light into each eye of mine, seeming to enjoy his searching, with murmurs of wonder and obvious delight. Then he sat back and looked at me, ‘There are wonderful things to see there…’ his face and whole demeanour supplementing what he’d said.  * And then he looked again, took his time, ‘Beautiful colours, your eye […]

Time to return?

Is it too soon to say that I am ready now, fold me back into the great mother womb from which I was expelled, a human time traveller, not consulted, on planet earth dwell?  * Have I run the gamut, passed the required tests? Experienced to the fullest, all conditions set?  * It’s true and […]

Our daily round

The door opened and she stepped out her walk a half shuffling, stumbling trot … skin tight around the structure of her tired homely face framed in hair a wispy white … * Each time I see her we smile and greet we do not stop but walk on down the street, her mission serving […]

Andorf’s journey

I once went to a writer’s workshop with a woman called Rene, in Cambridge, a small town an hour’s drive from where I live, attended by eight or so writers from the district. Rene opened her session by asking us to jot down anything that we hadn’t thought of writing about before, just short headings […]

My father’s fare-welling eyes

When last I looked on all that was precious to me then, life before me ever widening, so exciting, fighting so strongly those inner young man urges … stay… or… go! and thus my mind in quite a turmoil reasoned.  * ‘I’ll go,’ I’d say, ‘No opportunities available here; nothing really to make me stay.’ […]

Maritime hero: my half-brother, Harold Crompton

My half-brother, Harold Crompton, was an engineering officer on board the Empire Javelin in 1944, and has given me his account of the moment the torpedoes struck to him regaining consciousness; then his helping in the rescue of U.S. men trapped below after the explosion. His informing the crew of the Free French L’Escarmouche and […]

Will the way ahead be clear?

When the tombstones of the warlords have crumbled into dust; when the armouries and assembly lines cease manufacturing the guns; when servicemen and women refuse to hear the call; and the ordinary citizen universally says, No! Then, when the dogs of war are leashed will the way ahead be clear?  * When the common and […]

An ordinary bloke

I remember him fairly well, an ordinary bloke lived alone down our street, one of the lads. So ordinary, we hardly knew he was there, never said much, a quiet one, never did much … he was just there … one of the lads.  * Ambition? Some said he had none, never showed much if […]

‘Tis but a step

The storm has passed and wispy clouds drift lightly ‘cross the sky, light breezes dance richly-coloured leaves, magic carpets … ever-changing on the ground.  * The air is sweetly fresh, and sounds of cattle reach me from afar, small birds flit to and fro twittering their joy and find their echo deep within my soul. […]